This journal is now Friends Only!

Nothing serious or anything, I just wanted to have some privacy, that's all. I feel kinda weird writing stuff that people I don't know are reading. It's like strangers reading my diary. It's not like I'll write much personal stuff, but I still write things that actually happen in my life, so I thought it would be better to change my journal.

Please read the following below:

If you want to watch me, go ahead and add me, I have nothing against it. X) Though if you want to be friends, then maybe you should check if we have anything in common (like interests), and I'll be happy to add you to my friends list. I warn you though that I'm not much of an updater, I update whenever I feel like writing. I'm usually online, but we'll just have to see. I won't promise anything.

If we do become friends, why not get to know each other more? ;P 

~ Charlotte


I'm back! XD
Chibi Shinonome Kon

I'm back, sorta. XP Gosh, it's been almost a YEAR since my last update!! I was passing by and I made a decision to come back since I miss this site A LOT and my friends too, especially 

chez_maltesers (I'm so sorry MIKI!! DX). I could write down loads of excuses here, but really, I don't think there's a real excuse for me for being away for such a long time. I guess I wanted to stay away for a while... But now I want to be back. X3 I guess most people must have forgotten about me but that's ok, I deserve anyway. XD

Man, so many things happened this year! I bet you people must have a lot of things to talk about too. I still love POT but I got into other fandoms as well, and right now I'm addicted to Amatsuki!! <3 I LOVE Amatsuki! I can't really understand the story very well, the plot is kinda weird sometimes but I LOVE IT!! 8D Let me know if you're into it!! ^^

Oh, and by the way people, I need help with turning my journal into Friends Only. After I make it FO, how do I make one of those posts that stays always on top (you know, so I can put there a banner saying "Friends only")? Thanks!

Realy, thank you so much for reading this, I really appreciate it. I hope I get to talk to you all again and still be friends. -^^-



AtoYuu pic done!! 8D
Chibi Shinonome Kon
Okay, so first things first.
For those who didn't know, I was working on an AtoYuu pic I made for chez_maltesers. Now I finally got it done and I feel so happy!! ^^ You can actually find the lineart version on one of my previous journal entries.
Now, many of you may wonder what kind of pairing AtoYuu is... well, I don't really know myself and I had never thought of Atobe and Yuuta together, until... I met Miki and started reading her AtoYuu fics!! XP I suggest you start reading them because her fanfics ROCK!! XDD They're really well written and she does very interesting plots.
Okay, so now I support AtoYuu and think that it is quite a cute pairing. X3 So cute that it made me draw a pic. XP I can see myself drawing more of AtoYuu (now that school's about to finish I'm having more free time. >:D) so expect some PoT drawings here at my LJ!

For now, I present this:



Commercials LOL
Good news!! XDD I finished my last test today!! Hurray!! Hopefully I'll have more time from now on. ^^

LOL I had fun today in school. In P.C. (Physics and Chemistry) class we were talking about some water, solutions, cleaning products... then out of a sudden we started discussing about commercials and how fake there were (The ones from Portugal at least)!! XDD LOL

Starting with cleaning product commercial with someone suddenly pouring some weird stuff on your clothes and you're not really minding the fact since he/she said the *inserts name of the cleaning product* will make your clothes as good as new. He discussed about the fact that if someone dirtied our clothes we wouldn't react like this: "Oh, you got my clothes dirty." and more like: "You got my clothes dirty!! DX Now what?!" LOL

Next one was about a fruit drink were boys were playing football in the neighborhood and when they happened to accidentally kick a back to the next house a woman was there waiting with a drink for them. We were laughing so much. How would you react if a ball was suddenly kicked into your property? Surely you wouldn’t wait for the owner with a drink in hand!! XDD LOL That was just plain ridiculous.
There were more but I can only remember these two.

I had fun today. X) Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day too.


P.S.: I had problems writting comments on livejournal yesterday. I could not post comments on entries (though one succeeded in posting) nor post a new journal entry. Anyone knows what is going on? Has the same thing happened to you?

Chibi Shinonome Kon

*checks last time she has updated journal and commented*
It's been a while since I last wrote something here it seems. ^^;; I'M SORRY!! I haven't been active lately and I recognize that, I know I should have said something... T_T I never was a girl that could write a diary everyday anyway. XP LOL
(But I haven't written for so long that I even missed Sanada's birthday!!)

Anyway I am writing now. -^^-
Unfortunately for the POT fans I don't have any new pics and I'll be writing real life stuff only, in this journal entry at least. XP

I bought a colorful umbrella!! 8DD I so LOVE colorful things!! I went shopping for presents with my mom and she happened to be interested in buying umbrellas since it has been raining a lot here these days. I went to see them as well and when I saw the rainbow umbrella I just couldn't take my eyes out of it! XDD My mom suspected I wanted to buy it and it was then that I told her that I really wanted it (It's half transparent too which adds to my liking XP). So I bought it and now I squealing over it and I even danced a coreograqphy my school once did with umbrellas (with the song "I'm singing in the rain). XDD Right now it's hanging on the doorhandle of my bedroom. I would take a photo of it and post it here but I haven't found a good angle for a picture. Maybe on the next entry I'll put the pic. XP (Because I really feel like putting it)

But yeah... I really didn't realized I liked colorful stuff till now. XDD LOL But I have the feeling that I do. Now I want to buy colorful clothes (my clothes are mostly red, white and black; even though I have other colors I feel like I need to fill my wardrobe with more colors - and it is in need of more clothes too) starting with rainbow knee lenght socks!! 8D
Ahh... I dunno... I just want some colors!! I want a raibow!!



Chibi Shinonome Kon

Rikkaidai's genius and volley expert Marui Bunta has his birthday today, 20th of April! XP
I have a present for him! XD To show how much I love him (though I love almost every POT character and there are other characters that I love even more).

Here, my presento!

(No stealing or claiming as your own)

I know how much you love everything sweet.
Have a great day Marui! X3

~ Charlotte

How nice! XD
Burning! Taka

Okay... Right now I'm having difficulties trying to find words to fit here.

Actually there's this programm on the TV channel here that is called "He Who Can't Marry" and is a Japanese TV Series that airs with English and Chinese subtitles - it airs on TVB PEARL (for those who might want to know) at 09:30 pm. I don't know if you ever heard about it or not, but I really love these series and today I saw episode 11 (next week will be the last episode! T_T). So... I was watching the series like every other Monday until I see NAGAYAMA TAKASHI!! I screamed! He was doing a guest role but I still saw him and I was jumping all over the living room yelling at my mother in excitement that I was seeing an actor of Tenimyu. I CANNOT believe it! XDD I am so overjoyed now! This seriously made my day!
LOL And to believe he was actually playing a role of a STALKER!! XP LOL A stalker who worked at a scary house as the mummy man.

After the show I immediately went to the internet to check if Nagayama was really the 'mummy man' until I found this and I smiled knowing it really was him! -^^-

Ok, enough Nagayama for now. I might get a little too excited.

Today at English class we came to the conclusion that we are going to make a project that every boy in our class will have to wear a dress and look like a woman and girls will have to wear boys clothes and look like men, only we have to look like celebrities. I love the idea I must admit. However I can't find a celebrity that suits me. Almost everyone in my class has found someone that looks like them or acts a little like a certain celebrity but when I think about one for myself, Saito Takumi comes into my mind. Mostly because I think he is the one that has the looks closer to mine, but then people would be totally confused and besides, I need to find an English celebrity since this is a English class project. I'll just need to find a proper male celebrity (and I know very few of them...).

Oh well, LOL...
Sorry to fill you with random stuff again. XP
Hopefully I'll post something more interesting soon.


Journal Update
I'm updating my journal today since I haven't uploaded it for a long time. Don't worry I won't spam you with lots of real life stuff, I just thought I'll post a new journal entry since I haven't been active for a long time and I don't wanna make the impression that I don't care about others (because I haven't been commenting much lately either...).

I don't have many things to say actually.
I have a new picture done.

And a gift for a friend that have been down lately.

That's all I have to write, I think... There's so much on my mind now, troubles and all... I think I need to think over them and perharps go out and relax.
But for now, this is all I have to say. Thank you and sorry for such a short entry (I think it is).


Seigaku pic done!!
Chibi Shinonome Kon

After all my hard work and days spent on paper and Adobe Photoshop, I was finally able to finish my best project and a Seigaku pic I'm very proud of. ^^ It took me so long... LOL
But I finally finished it!! That's what matters. XD

See the preview below!

You can find the original pic and some more extras at tenipuri or you can click here to see the post instead.

Meh, I'm so happy now.^^


Is it that bad to be crazy?
Chibi Shinonome Kon
Apparently running to catch a bus is NOT normal in Macau...

Macau is a very small city and bus doesn't take very long (depending on the number) but I seem to go against what normal people do around here. My friends are always in time to catch the bus and I still don't believe that bus has a certain time of arrival. I run EVERYDAY to catch my bus. Today I competed with the bus' speed (I know... stupid) and I bet people on the bus thought I was being silly, at least the ones on the bus stop thought that. When I got in, other students from my school whispered to each other saying 'Everyday is the same run...' and the bus driver closed the door soon because when I tried to walk further into the bus I noticed that my bag was stuck to the door. ^^; Clearly the bus driver was unhappy about the fact that I was able to match his speed. LOL

I also forgot to mention the fact that my PC has been repaired (for almost a week now). I missed it so much, but I still would have preferred if it had my files that got thrown away. It has a new Hard-disc and a new personality, I guess... This new PC acts like a child! -_- It hates being ignored on put on stand-by and if I do either of those he will turn off. This is something I've been wondering about, but as long as I am using him he will not turn off.

With a new Hard-disc, it was time to install the Adobe Photoshop again. I CANNOT live without the Photoshop, I must have it at all costs!! I have it again now (thank God!) and I'm back at working on my piece of art (that I'm quite proud of myself) that includes all nine Seigaku regulars. Hopefully I'll finish it and post it on tenipuri soon.

Man, do I feel inspired today... I guess P.E. did me well. ^^

~ Charlotte


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